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Shingles Looking Worn? A Complete Cost Guide to Replacing Your Roof

An aging roof can decrease your property value and cause a host of other side effects, including sheeting and wind blow-offs. If your current roof has been around for more than 20 years, the chances are good that it’s time for a change. Shingles typically have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, but that also depends on weather conditions and exposure to sunlight.

In this guide, we will dive deeper into different aspects of roof replacement costs, what’s involved in the process, how other roofing materials affect the overall cost, and how to get the most out of a roofing company.

Type of Roofing Materials

Detail of overlapping roofing tiles on a new build wooden house with dormer windowsThe first thing that determines how much it will cost to install a new roof is the type of roofing material used for the job. The most common materials include asphalt or composition shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and slate roofs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another. For example, asphalt shingles have been around since the early 1900s, and they’re still popular today because they offer good value in terms of price per square foot. Here is the pricing for some popular materials:

  • Asphalt Shingles: $150 – $550/square depending on the type of asphalt shingle.
  • Metal Shingles: $120 – $900+/square with steel as the cheapest and copper being the most expensive.
  • Concrete & Clay Tiles: $800 – $1800+/square for clay tiles & $150 – $250+/square for concrete tiles
  • Wood Shingles & Shakes: $250 – $600+/square depending on the type of wood.
  • Slate: $800 – $1800+/square

Since A Better Roofing Company specializes and only uses asphalt shingle roofs, let’s dig into the differences within just the range of asphalt roofing materials from our preferred vendor CertainTeed.

3-tab asphalt shingles are called strip asphalt shingles, such as CertainTeed’s XT 25. This basic asphalt shingle typically ranges in price from $150 to $200 per square. These shingles are the lightest weight shingle on the market and create a very flat appearance. They are typically used by home builders building economy homes.

The most popular asphalt roofing shingles in America are dimensional asphalt shingles like CertainTeed’s Landmark Pro product. Dimensional shingles are dual-layered to create a textured effect. Heavier in weight, they also usually have better longevity.

CertainTeed’s Grand Manor and Presidential Shake are premium asphalt shingles designed to mimic the “old-world” aesthetic, including slate and wood.


The many other factors that go into the cost of a new roof beyond just the type of roof installed. This section will explore some of the countless factors that affect an estimate beyond roofing type.

Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision in Kelowna British Columbia Canada showing asphalt shingles and multiple roof linesRoof Size

Your home’s roof size is the most significant factor determining replacement cost. More surface area requires more materials, including plywood, underlayment, shingles, and more. Remember to consider garages, walkways, overhangs, front entries, and more into the total square footage estimate.


Museum in old mansion in Florida with steep access to roofRoof Accessibility 

While most roofs are easily accessible by a ladder, some homes have obstacles that make it harder to access the roof, including landscaping, trees, fences, etc… If your roof’s access point is further away from materials or the dump truck, it could add some cost.


grey and black roof shingles of house on steep sloped roofRoof Pitch/Slope

For safety reasons, if you have a steep roof, there will be an additional cost. These types of roofs require extra effort and may require extra equipment for roofers to safely complete the task at hand. Steep A-frame roofs require more safety equipment than flat roofs.




The top of the house or apartment building with nice windowRoof Complexity & Design

Along with a roof’s slope, the design of the roof is also a cost factor. A roof’s complexities include facets, hips, valleys, and pitch. A roof with a high number of angles, hips, and valleys is a more difficult job than a simple ranch home that may only have a few different facets. For example, a residential home with gables and dormers will be more involved than a home with a simple hip roof.


Worker on a asphalt shingle roof installing new plastic (mansard) or skylight windowRoof Penetrations

Suppose your home features skylights, chimneys, or vents, the more time it takes to install around them. Typically smaller vents or pipes don’t add much cost, but larger skylights and chimneys will need to be flashed.



. Removal of old roof, replacement with new shingles, equipment and repair.

Roof Damage

A heavily damaged roof could also affect costs. While minor damage may not add much to the total cost, holes and other major structural issues – usually due to water damage – will need to be addressed to ensure no further damage occurs to your home. The underlying wood structure will need work that involves extra labor and materials.



Detail of overlapping roofing tiles on a new build wooden house with dormer windowsLabor Rates

Labor costs will vary across the country for a professional installation of the roof. Quotes in areas with a low cost of living will likely be lower than areas with a high cost of living, such as San Francisco or Seattle. Quotes also take into account the time needed to comply with state/local building codes.


The inspector or engineer is checking the building structure and house roof specifications. After the renovate is completeCode Requirements

Depending on where you live, there are different code requirements. These code requirements could impact anything, including ventilation, slope, insulation, and substrate. These requirements could add time and materials to the final roof estimate.



Roofer installing tar foil on the rooftop of building. Waterproof system by gas and fire torchingRoofing Materials 

Your roof may need new decking or more, depending on the project. The need for various materials will be included in the estimate and will vary based upon market conditions and prices.




How To Get More Out Of Your Roof Replacement

Professional technician Roof repair Standing action on the roof top Hold the drive screw tool in hand


Getting a new roof is a long-term investment, so be sure that you follow a few best practices to secure your investment. Here are some tips for making sure your new roof lasts and keeps your family safe & dry.

Roof Replacement COST Quotes

Roofing companies typically charge by the square foot for their services. So it’s always best to get at least three estimates so you can compare apples to apples.

Enhanced Warranties 

If choosing a professional roofing company that is manufacturer certified, you may qualify for an enhanced warranty. An example of this type of enhanced warranty from a manufacturer is a limited lifetime warranty on the roofing system and a 25-year warranty on workmanship which is guaranteed by the manufacturer.


If you do not need an emergency roof replacement, you might want to look into having it done in the late winter or spring when roofing companies are less busy. By delaying the replacement, you may get a better deal through lower prices and off-season discounts.

Do Your Research

Before hiring a contractor for any project, it’s essential to research their background and experience. Check out consumer reviews online or ask friends and family about their experiences with previous tradespeople they hired. You can also search through local listings like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Google to find recommendations from other homeowners who used that particular company. It may be worth paying a bit more upfront, so you don’t end up in an uncomfortable situation later down the line.

To learn more about picking the right roofing contractor, read our “How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor.” Avoid the various pitfalls some homeowners fall into when selecting a roofing company to complete their roof installation or replacement project. It could end up costing you more in the end.

Can I Replace My Roof Myself?

The short answer: No.

Most people who try to install a new roof on their own are not happy with the end result. They either don’t know what they’re doing or lack the skills needed to complete the job correctly.

It’s always best to hire a professional.

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