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Manufacturer Spotlight: All About CertainTeed

A Better Roofing Company is always scouring the roofing industry for the best new roofing products for your home. With many brands bringing different technologies, products, and expertise to the table, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our preferred vendors – CertainTeed roofing products.

History of CertainTeed ROOFING

CeratinTeed Old Print AdAfter realizing the wood shingles were the source of many building and home fires, George Brown sought to find a solution which brought rise to asphalt shingles. With $25,000 in start-up funding, General Roofing Manufacturer Company started perfecting the modern asphalt shingles in East Illinois. In 1917, the company’s name was changed to CertainTeed taken from their slogan “Quality made certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed” and began trading on the NYSE in 1918.

Through the recession of 1937, CertainTeed invested heavily in research and development leading to the Woodtex Shingle, a heavy asphalt roofing shingle product similar to real wood. After WWII, America re-opened with a boom in consumer spending, and by 1954, with a new state-of-the-art research and development facility, business was booming for CertainTeed.

Over the next several decades, CertainTeed saw the acquisition of many different companies expanding their offerings to PVC pipe, siding, windows, fencing, decking, and more. They were also the first to offer a lifetime warranty.

CertainTeed & its affiliates now have more than 6,300 employees and 60 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States & Canada.

Roofing Technologies

CertainTeed prides itself on its legacy of over a century in manufacturing excellence, offering durable, aesthetically pleasing, and high-quality roofing material solutions. The company is committed to evolution and innovation, constantly researching, testing, and refining their products to meet customer demands and adapt to new trends. This ongoing endeavor has resulted in the creation of numerous pioneering technologies which enable both roofing contractors and homeowners to create safer and more comfortable residences.


CertainTeed ClimateFlex Technology Infographic









ClimateFlex technology infuses roofing asphalt with rubberizing polymers, creating impact-resistant shingles that provide Class 4 protection against hail damage and weather-related impact. These shingles exhibit superior granule adhesion and all-weather performance, ensuring year-round protection in varied climates. Homeowners may enjoy insurance discounts due to the impact resistance of these shingles, known as IR shingles. ClimateFlex’s rubberizing properties also enable easier handling and installation in colder conditions, which traditionally make standard shingles brittle.

Solaris Cool Roof

CertainTeed Solaris Cool Roof Infographic









Solaris Cool Roof technology is an eco-friendly approach designed to enhance energy efficiency in various popular shingle brands. The technology utilizes a unique granule surface blend that can reflect up to 27% of solar heat, thereby reducing rooftop temperatures, minimizing heat transfer into homes, and decreasing the energy usage of air conditioning systems. Solaris Cool Roof shingles are versatile, available in different profiles and colors, and suitable for both Landmark® and Presidential Shake® series. Apart from providing aesthetically pleasing options, these shingles meet California Title 24, Part 6, Cool Roof requirements and might be eligible for LEED certification, federal tax credits, or other green building programs.


CertainTeed StreakFight Infographic

StreakFighter technology is a breakthrough in preventing the black streaks caused by algae formation on roofs. Using copper-infused granules with anti-algae characteristics, StreakFighter prevents algae growth on shingles, maintaining the aesthetics and color of roofs, and saving homeowners costly cleaning or maintenance. The technology, which comes with an outstanding warranty, is a standard feature on CertainTeed asphalt shingles sold in areas prone to black streaking algae.


CertainTeed NailTrak Infographic

The NailTrak feature, first introduced in 2004, is an innovation designed to accelerate and improve the precision of nailing during installation. The feature now offers more visible nailing lines that can be seen clearly from dawn to dusk. NailTrak provides three distinct lines to guide nailing, including a smaller area specifically for steep-slope applications. It comes standard on most designer shingles from CertainTeed, including the popular Landmark® and Landmark® PRO brands.


CertainTeed QuadraBond Infographic

QuadraBond technology is an advanced solution utilized in the construction of shingles to ensure their durability and aesthetic appeal. It achieves this by solidly joining the shingle layers, enhancing their resistance to wind and other weather elements. This technology, characterized by four points of adhesion, is a standard feature of most CertainTeed designer shingles, including the popular Landmark and Landmark PRO brands. It is further strengthened by CertainTeed’s industry-leading warranty, guaranteeing superior quality and protection against shingle delamination.



CertaSeal is a high-quality adhesive that combines asphalts and polymers to securely seal roof shingles, providing extra protection against wind uplift, shingle displacement, and water infiltration. It quickly activates after installation and has been reliably safeguarding homes for over two decades. Unlike other adhesives that can become dry and crack, CertaSeal is designed to stay flexible to tolerate minor structural changes due to varying weather and temperature conditions. This makes it an ideal solution for year-round protection against the elements.

Roofing Products

With CertainTeed’s range of products, there is something for every house style and need.

Landmark shingles

Landmark asphalt shingles are a high-quality solution for homeowners seeking to enhance and safeguard their homes. These shingles mimic the look of real wood shake due to their dual-layered design and come in a array of color options. They hold the distinction of being the heaviest in their category, instilling confidence in homeowners looking to create or recreate their desired aesthetic. Landmark shingles are produced by a company with over a century of manufacturing experience, offering an industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty. They meet the strictest third-party manufacturing quality standards (UL), offer additional protection from environmental factors and a 25-year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty. They also boast a Class A fire-resistance rating for added security.


Presidential SHingles

CertainTeed’s Presidential Shake luxury asphalt shingles mimic the look of hand-split cedar shakes, offering aesthetic appeal with top-tier performance and without the cost. They boast StreakFighter technology, ensuring they won’t rot and will maintain their appearance over time. These shingles are less expensive and nearly maintenance-free compared to real wood shake. Key features include an intricate design for architectural beauty, a wide color range to match any home exterior, and a UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating, demonstrating their durability.


Highland Slate Shingles

Highland Slate by CertainTeed is a roofing material that mimics the appearance and texture of natural slate, enhancing curb appeal with its deep, rich colors and distinctive design. Each tab is individually colored, while the four-across tab design offers both appealing color and contrast. The product captures the character of natural slate, offering six premium color blends. Not only beautiful, Highland Slate also provides rugged protection for your home, backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications. Highland Slate offers an affordable luxury, providing protection against harsh weather in a stunning, old-world style without the price.


Northgate shingles

Close Up Of CertainTeed Northgate Asphalt ShinglesNorthGate ClimateFlex designer shingles are a superior roofing solution crafted from durable, polymer-modified asphalt. They emulate the aesthetic appeal of wood shake roofing while offering enhanced hail resistance and superior granule adhesion compared to standard asphalt shingles. Thanks to the integration of ClimateFlex technology, these shingles demonstrate remarkable pliability in cold conditions, allowing roofing contractors to install them with ease even in low temperatures. In essence, NorthGate ClimateFlex provides reliable, all-weather roofing protection for homes in any climate.


Grand Manor

The Grand Manor shingle offers a high-end, elegant roofing solution which replicates the look of slate. The design features deep shadows and random tabs for an authentic and dimensional appearance. The product is built to withstand all weather types and performs well even on steep slopes due to its Super Shangle® construction design. Providing nearly five layers of protection, the Grand Manor shingles are made from the industry’s most durable roofing materials. Key features include Class A fire resistance rating, algae resistance, a 110 MPH wind warranty (upgradeable to 130 MPH), and a lifetime-limited warranty.


Carriage House Shingles

Carriage House luxury shingles combine timeless architectural styles with modern durability. Their unique design mimics hand-crafted, scalloped-edge natural slate, resulting in a distinctive roofline that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. These shingles are also notable for their super-heavyweight construction, providing a high level of protection. Moreover, they are rated as UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rated, indicating superior resistance to impacts.

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