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Manufacturer Spotlight: All About CertainTeed

A Better Roofing Company is always scouring the roofing industry for the best new roofing products for your home. With many brands bringing different technologies, products, and expertise to the table, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our preferred vendors – CertainTeed roofing products.

History of CertainTeed ROOFING

CeratinTeed Old Print AdAfter realizing the wood shingles were the source of many building and home fires, George Brown sought to find a solution which brought rise to asphalt shingles. With $25,000 in start-up funding, General Roofing Manufacturer Company started perfecting the modern asphalt shingles in East Illinois. In 1917, the company’s name was changed to CertainTeed taken from their slogan “Quality made certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed” and began trading on the NYSE in 1918.

Through the recession of 1937, CertainTeed invested heavily in research and development leading to the Woodtex Shingle, a heavy asphalt roofing shingle product similar to real wood. After WWII, America re-opened with a boom in consumer spending, and by 1954, with a new state-of-the-art research and development facility, business was booming for CertainTeed.

Over the next several decades, CertainTeed saw the acquisition of many different companies expanding their offerings to PVC pipe, siding, windows, fencing, decking, and more. They were also the first to offer a lifetime warranty.

CertainTeed & its affiliates now have more than 6,300 employees and 60 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States & Canada.

Roofing Technologies

As a leading asphalt shingle manufacturer, CertainTeed roofing is constantly evolving its roofing products and technologies. With heavy investment in research and development, they continue to ensure innovative, high-quality solutions for commercial projects and residential homes all over the United States.


CertainTeed ClimateFlex Technology Infographic









The combination of their durable roofing asphalt with performance benefits of rubberizing polymers, the ClimateFlex technology offers a Class 4 rating to help protect against hail impact and damage. Additionally, advanced surface granule adhesions and all-weather performances help to prevent UV damage, allow for easier cold-weather installation, increased weathering endurance, and more.

Solaris Cool Roof

CertainTeed Solaris Cool Roof Infographic









Featuring a special granule surface blend, the Cool Roof technology is a sustainable solution that can reflect up to 27% of solar heat. Thus reducing roof temperatures leading to lower cooling energy costs in hot months.


CertainTeed StreakFight Infographic

Using copper-infused surface granules which contain natural anti-algae properties, the StreakFighter technology provides long-term protection from black streaks formed by algae. This helps homeowners from needing to spend the time and money on roof maintenance or roofing cleaning services.


CertainTeed NailTrak Infographic

Helping contractors install roofing systems faster, and more accurately with brighter nailing lines that remain visible throughout the day with NailTrak. Three defined lines present a large area to guide your nailing whether on a standard/low-pitch roof or steep roofs.


CertainTeed QuadraBond Infographic

Adhesion technology helps to secure the shingle layers together at four points. Thus allowing roofs to stand up to wind and weather and maintain their beauty.

Roofing Products

With CertainTeed’s range of products, there is something for every house style and need.

Landmark shingles

A dual-layer asphalt shingle that mimics the look of wood shakes, it comes in an array of colors that goes well with all types of trim, stucco, or siding.



Presidential SHingles

The original luxury asphalt shingles designed to mimic the appearance of hand-split cedar shakes. With their StreakFighter technology, these shingles will not rot and will maintain their beauty.



Highland Slate Shingles

Designed to replicate the curb appeal of slate with the technology and affordability of asphalt construction. They are engineered to look like the chiseled form of real slate.



Northgate shingles

Close Up Of CertainTeed Northgate Asphalt ShinglesA modified asphalt shingle with SBS technology that allows for greater flexibility and less cracking that can occur in extreme cold-weather conditions.



Grand Manor

A great choice for homes with steep-sloped roofs. This roofing product provides authentic depth and dimension of natural slate.



Carriage House Shingles

Creating the look of a handcrafted, scallop-edge slate roof. Perfect for the preservation of timeless architecture from the Victorian or Colonial Gable era without the cost or hassle of slate.

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