Below are some of the letters and notes that we have received from our customers over the years. To protect their privacy, we do not show their last names, house address, entire signatures or phone numbers (where applicable).

Steve D.

Tacoma, WA


I don’t like 5 star reviews but anything less would be wrong. We just had our roof replaced and the experience could not have been more positive. The crew worked hard, finished in two days including our garage that needed repairs and sheathing. The roof needed more repairs than we thought so I expected the bill to be a thousand dollars more than the quote. It was only 200 more and I was thrilled. The clean-up was perfect. I didn’t find anything left behind. They even swept the lawn with magnets to get every last nail. I have already recommended them to two friends. I hope I never have to get a new roof but if I do they are the only company I will call.

3/27/2019 – Dona M.

We had A Better Roofing Co. do our roof about 8 years ago. They were excellent. They are always there for us when we have questions like: can we attach something to the roof without damaging it, etc. They have come out to study the questions and give answers. This time, during the storm and rain, a tree fell and damaged our roof some. They came out the next morning and scoped it out. Making sure that any holes would be secure and not do further water damage to the roof, etc. until they could get the tiles for our roof and come repair it. Which they did. They returned and installed and repaired the damage. It looks great. They are a company that not only stands behind their work, they don’t forget previous clients!

4/12/2014 – Tarrah M.

We received multiple bids for the replacement of our roof. I was most impressed with this company, especially the person that gave us the estimate. He was very down to earth and didn’t try to sell us lots of bells and whistles we didn’t need. The warned us about possible extra expenses, but ended up right on budget. They were prompt, took exactly the amount of time they said they would, and left the area clean. I would definitely use them again.

9/22/2010 – TRUDY S.

We were so impressed by the professionalism of every person we were in contact with…the estimator (friendly, thorough, and fair), the foreman (attentive and knowledgeable), the installers (hard working – quality workmanship), the office receptionist (helpful and personable) and the co-owner (sincerely interested in our 100% satisfaction). We made the mistake of having our house painted just prior to roofing. Kurt MacMillan, co-owner, without hesitation, reimbursed us immediately for our painter to come back and touch up some accidentally damaged paint surfaces. The house looks great with the new roof! We couldn’t be more pleased.

7/23/2017 – Patrick B.

I had several quotes done a few years ago. ABRC told me that my roof was fine and to call back is a few years. I thought this was great and when I needed a roof I only called ABRC back. They honored the original quote from three years ago and worked me into their schedule. The whole job took only two days. It looks great and I’m set for another 30 years.

Adam K.


From start to finish A Better Roofing company was outstanding. One of the few companies I’ve spoken to that hasn’t exaggerated on work or used scare tactics. They were honest from the beginning with a price around half of the next cheapest bid with the same materials. We had a fair amount of mold and wood rot on our decking so most of the plywood needed replacing. Alan didn’t try to make the damage seem worse than it was and gave us a very reasonable estimate on new plywood. One of the guys from a different company was offering to buy me a beer because the mold was “sooo severe” and he was sorry for me. Alan gave us a recommendation on a mold company who actually ended up saying it wasn’t too bad. The roof replacement itself was great. The workers were nice, respectful and really fast. I have a friend that used to do roofing that commented on how impressed he was with their attention to detail. The workers cleaned everything up meticulously without leaving any nails, staples or other materials in the lawn. Next time I need a roof, I won’t hesitate to call them.

Sharon D.

Seattle, WA

My extended family has had 4 roofs replaced by A Better Roofing Company in the last 6 months and they did a fantastic job.  Michael and Alan were great to talk to. A Better Roofing company was recommended by another roofing company that only does flat roofs and a coworker had her roof done by them, as well as her parents’ roof, and she had nothing but positive words to say.

12/7/2011 – JOHN L.

Excellent work, very professional, easy to work with.

4/21/2016 – JAMES H.

The entire job was COMPLETE in two days and the clean-up was meticulous; you would never have guessed that the entire roof was replaced, there was NO construction debris ANYWHERE! <br> <br>One of the BEST things about A BETTER ROOFING COMPANY is that they do not abandon their customers: &nbsp;I called and asked them to inspect my roof for possible damage because of a moisture problem on my south wall – I thought that maybe some flashing had been disturbed or holes were un-caulked when a DirecTV dish was put on the roof. &nbsp;The roof was fine, but A BETTER ROOFING COMPANY helped me further by suggesting the likely causes of my problem, and they REFUSED to charge me a penny for the time spent coming to my house, climbing up and inspecting the roof!

1/22/2019 – Rick W.

A Better Roofing Co did the work faster than I expected, considering the rainy weather we had at the time. They placed tarps around most of the house to protect the landscaping from falling debris. The price was good with no surprise extra charges. If you need roofing work definitely get a quote from them.

6/13/2010 – Belinda B.

They were fast, professional and overall a joy to work with. They did exactly as they
promised. No damage to my beautiful landscaping. Started and completed the project in
one day. When they left you could not tell that they had been there.

Ryan L.

Seattle, WA

5 Big stars for A Better Roofing!

As renters, we had the pleasure of working with Michael and his crew during the repair of not only a leaking roof, but also the replacement of 4 skylights.  Throughout the process, everyone that came to the house was professional and understanding.

Michael was very considerate to the fact that this work was a major inconvenience to us as renters and having to live in the house while the project was being completed (our landlords would not pay for alternate housing).  His management of his crew was top notch and he was also very responsive to questions that we had and did his best to make sure that the work was done properly and timely.  He moved schedules around and made sure he got people to the house sooner than usual, just to make sure we were not disrupted any more than we had to be.  The workers he had on the job were polite and very caring to us.

Their front office team is also very respectful and kind.  Willing to listen and accommodate schedules, answer messages and call back in a reasonable time frame, and get messages to those we were trying to reach.

We were very pleased with the work done and the professionalism and courtesy that everyone at A Better Roofing gave us.  Because we are renters in this house, we were not privy to the price of their work; but given the positives of all their other contributions, I’m sure it was well worth it.  If you’re in need of any roof repairs, give them a call.  I know I will if the need arises.

9/27/2017 – May C.

This was the 2nd time I worked with A Better Roofing Company for a new roof. I was a happy customer from the first job, so went straight to ABR again when needing a new roof for the current house. From the time of responding to estimation, to timely delivery of the quote, to actual replacement, cleanup, all went very well. When Mike came by to collect payment, I was pleasantly surprised to see an invoice $2K less than the original quote. Mike explained to me that due to the way my house is, they used aerial view to compute size and estimate, and when they came to do the work, it was less hence my final bill was reduced. ABR Company’s integrity is one of the many reasons I love working with them.

4/13/2011 – Karen E.

Despite the bad weather, Very good job, very nice people, very good clean up.

6/4/2010 – Judson H.

I cannot express my appreciation enough for A Better Roofing Co. We were in the closing process of buying our first house and everything about the inspection was good, except the roof. There were 3 to 4 layers, missing shingles, degranulation; it was awful. I called Better Roofing for a bid (as well as another reputable roofer) and they easily won the contract. Price was excellent, service was top tier, and I felt I could trust them to be honest and perform a great job. I booked them for 2 weeks after closing on the house. Our home loan was through FHA and naturally they have strict inspectors. They required the roof to be completed prior to close and legally, the sellers needed to pay for it. Well, this was an awful process of trying to make this work and Kurt at Better Roofing bent over backwards, did somersaults, and jumped through flaming hoops all at the same time to help us get it done and approved by FHA. Better Roofing went WAY beyond the normal service expectation and in reality, was the reason why we were able to finally close on time on this house. The roof was completed prior to close and looks fantastic. The job itself was done quickly and without disturbance to the future neighbors or the property. I can’t recommend these guys any higher. It’s always a good idea to get a few bids, but I highly recommend going with A Better Roofing Co. in the end.