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Where Do I Start?

Contact our ROOFING CONTRACTOR office via phone or email.

All of this information is available on our Contact Us page. You may also stop in and visit our showroom located at: 4126 – Airport Way South in Seattle. As a quicker alternative, you may fill out a small form available on our Free Estimate page. Normally, we will contact you within 24 hours using your preferred contact method. From there, we will set up an appointment to come and look at your roofing project.

Seattle Home Front with Composite Roof - Roofing Contractor

Our company will actually climb up onto your roof to get accurate measurements so that we may give you the best price possible. We also like to be on the roof to ensure that we have evaluated everything including the chimney, skylights, flashings, pipes, etc. The only exception to this is a roof that is too steep to walk on. Be wary of contractors that only do “ground measurements”.

Next, we will write up your free no-obligation proposal. We prefer to present this to you in person. This way we can educate and advise you about the different products available, as well as what would best suit your particular needs.

We are NOT a high-pressure-sales company. Beware of the companies that employ high-pressure sales people. They often have “special pricing” or other similar “offerings” only if you sign up today.  Our company gives you our best price up front. We prefer to consider ourselves “educators” about the process, products and especially our company; and why choosing A Better Roofing Company is the best choice you can make for protecting you and your home.