Roofing Terminology

To view some common roofing terminologies that you might want to know, click here .

Our proposals offer you a variety of different products and styles to choose from so that you can customize your roof to suit your individual needs and tastes. Below are some of the various terminologies and products that you will notice are specific to our proposals. We are showing product pictures in an effort to provide as much clarification as possible and hopefully ease your decision making process when selecting from the variety of options available.

Space Sheeting

15 pound felt

Solid Decking

7/16 inch OSB sheeting

30 pound felt

Drip Edge Metal

1/2 inch CDX plywood


Lead Pipe Flashings

No Caulk Neoprene Pipe Flashings

Starter Metal

RVO38 Metal Can Vent

Hip and Ridge Shingles